EarlyLearny 22nd Month

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Product information "EarlyLearny"

Each EarlyLearny development set uses a different theme that is prepared according to the developmental ability and perception level of babies and children. The activities and lesson plans within the activity books are structured using these themes.


Every set contains a book that corresponds to the month of your child.


Each book is filled with a month of fun activities that promote your child’s motor, social-emotional, linguistic and mental development.


Motor Development: Your child will develop movement and hand-eye coordination skills. 


Mental Development: Your child will develop the skills that will form the building blocks of learning over the coming years, such as memory, perception, attention and concentration. 


Lingusitic Development: Your child will develop communication skills, and begin to understand you.


Social-Emotional Development: Your child will develop an awareness of their feelings, managing unhappy feelings,  gaining self-confidence and the ability to solve problems in social situations.


In each set there are also necessary toys/equipment that are needed to make the activities, other mobile activities,  and children books for you to be able to read with your child.  


Doing the activities continuously each month:

- helps children to bond with the participating parent,

- helps children and parents to have fun,

- increases self-confidence and communication,

- increases attention, perception and concentration,

- increases interest and appreciation for books,

- and prepares them for life. 


22nd Month Development Set

22nd month set’s theme is about the world outside of your house. In the activity book, the child will learn about the moon with interesting pictures, games and stories, accompanied by objects, people and events that your child will encounter in the outside world.

The child’s perception is ensured, his attention to environmental stimuli and his adaptation to the environment increases. The activity book contains games and short stories that will support the development of cause-effect and part-whole relationships.

Going to the market, learning about various fruits and picking fruits from the tree has never been more enjoyable!


Materials and care: Water-based non-toxic paint and finishes